Meet our Office Manager.....Deb Williams     

In 2002 I visited MTM for the first time. Never having been on a mission trip, or even out of the country, I didn’t really know what to expect, but never could I have been prepared for what I was to experience. During that week I felt happiness, joy, love, a closer relationship with God, but also a feeling of guilt, of being overwhelmed, sad and a feeling there had to be more that could be done to help. How could there be so much wealth in the U.S. and SO MUCH poverty in Haiti??? It wasn’t fair! Why is life so much easier just because of where we are born?  Once I returned home I found myself irritated to hear someone complain about simple things like pot holes in our roads, complaining there was too much traffic, or the line was too long at Walmart or waiting a few minutes to see the doctor or even myself thinking “I don’t have anything to wear today” or “I don’t have anything to eat in the house”. Good roads, quick service, fast food, getting an education, having a good job, a full closet and a full stomach are all things we take for granted in the US, but that simply isn’t the case in Haiti. Those things are luxuries that people in third world countries don’t necessarily have available to them. For instance, when we have a headache we just go to the medicine cabinet and take Tylenol that we drove to the local Walmart to buy. There are people in Haiti that don’t have access to medical care or stores and they walk 4 hours to get to a clinic just to wait all day in the sun to see the doctor. There are children that walk 3 hours one way to get to school because they know the value of getting an education. 

I learned something that week in 2002. I learned we don’t need all our “stuff” to be happy. The Haitians taught me that true happiness & joy come from knowing God and being loved by God. You don’t have to have 3 cars, a big home with a pool, a closet full of nice clothes & shoes! No, those things don’t produce real joy.  The Haitians I worshipped with on Sunday, in that church packed full of people with standing room only, were truly happy. I found myself admiring them for “getting it”.

I knew on that first trip that I wanted to be involved with MTM. I wanted to help, but…how? Well, in 2007 I started volunteering to help with clerical duties and in 2009 was given an opportunity to work full time at MTM. I am now a stateside missionary to Haiti! I love my job and the opportunity to be involved in a ministry that is working towards empowering Haitians to break the cycle of poverty. They are being given an opportunity to get a quality education and have health care and are being brought the Gospel.  And…one of the coolest things about this is that we are now seeing MTM’s efforts come full circle. Some of the high school students are mentoring younger students in other areas, graduates are now employed at the school and disciples are being raised up to spread the Gospel to other areas.  

I have found my calling! I love working to find sponsors for students, getting to connect people with their student, processing donations, ordering medicine for the pharmacy, working in the clinic, building, painting, loving on babies…anything. I serve God by serving the people of Haiti. On my trip two weeks ago I was able to witness the miracle of a new life being brought into this world. A young lady walked to the clinic in labor, within 30 minutes gave birth and about an hour later walked home with her baby. Wow! The things we take for granted!

 I love being in Haiti with different teams and hearing how a week in Haiti affects people. I have been several times and God always shows me something new. I am so blessed to be part of the work God is doing in Haiti! I have seen many changes over the last 16 years. I have watched MTM grow from a tiny church to a big, beautiful church, I’ve watched grades being added to the school as the years progressed and have watched several classes graduate. I have seen the clinic grow from a little area in a classroom to a fully stocked & equipped clinic & pharmacy. And next month I will get to witness the opening of our new Trade School. You simply can’t stand on this mountain and NOT see God at work!

If you would like to be a student sponsor, help with the Trade School expenses, be a general donor or would like to be on a team serving in Haiti I would love to talk to you. Also, since I am considered a stateside missionary, I raise 100% of my income from people like you who donate. If you would like to join my support team, please contact me at   I recently launched a 50/20 Campaign trying to get 50 sponsors to donate $20 a month. I’m half way to reaching my goal! YOU can be part of what God is doing in Haiti even if you can’t travel there personally. You can donate, find sponsors or pray for our ministry! It takes the whole body of Christ to impact the Kingdom for His sake!

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel... Phil 1:3 NIV




Deb in clinic pharmacy



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