A visit with Debi Fritz: 


Physical Therapist,

Team Member and 

Student Sponsor 








I have been asked to share about my experiences at Mountain Top Ministries (MTM).

I’ve started this article over several times; coming to the realization of how difficult it is to explain in a brief story the impact several trips to Haiti have had on my life. 

I’m currently having the same feeling as when I return home from MTM and someone asks about my most recent trip. 

How do I boil down the influence MTM has had on me in a few minutes or words? 

I have only been to Mountain Top four times, yet the impression it has made on me is staggering!

If I were forced to choose one important word to describe my trips I would choose RELATIONSHIP.

Relationships have been key to these trips.  New relationships, changed relationships.  I have had the opportunity to meet people from throughout the U.S., traveling to MTM to assist with projects and medical care.  I have never developed deeper connections than those formed in the 7 days spent with these new friends.  I have developed an extreme appreciation for the love that can be shared during a five to fifteen minute interaction with a patient at the MTM medical clinic.  I admire the interpreters and the individuals managing the daily operations at the clinic. Their gift includes the ability to translate English/Creole and also understand the language of medicine.  These people are incredible in explaining important directions to patients and assisting us in understanding the Haitian culture.






Relationships are built with vendors that come to share their wares and lives for a brief time.



I have a deep respect for the hard work put forth by the cooks at both the home we reside during the week, and the school located near the medical clinic.  (By the way there is nothing better to eat for breakfast than Haitian oatmeal!)  There are hugs and cheerful greetings for these people that we may only see one week per year. 

Then there is the student I sponsor. (Andre Fritz Kendy) I’ve had the opportunity to meet him twice in person and I receive several letters per year from him.  Education has always been of great importance to me.  School is very much taken for granted in our country, but not so in Haiti. 

What a wonderful feeling to know that I’m assisting this young man’s physical, spiritual and academic growth through a monetary donation and my consistent prayers.



How have relationships changed?  I now have a greater appreciation for those I encounter in all aspects of life.  Why has this experience with MTM changed my life? It’s hard to explain.  Before my trips to Haiti I think I took life for granted.  I knew I had been blessed with an education, a profession (I’m a physical therapist), a home, a supportive, loving husband and family.  But now I treasure these aspects of life so much more.  I think I live more in the present, am more in tune to what’s going on around me. 

My relationship with God has changed.  It took many nudges from God to get me to Haiti.  I tend to be a little on the stubborn side!  I now talk to God more and am cognizant of developing a deeper relationship.  However there’s still plenty of work to do-which means more trips to Haiti.  Could God’s work with me be done in other places, perhaps state side? Sure, but God’s plan for me was to grow while at MTM.  I pray that others will listen to the nudges provided by God. I have hope that our paths will perhaps cross at MTM.  But if not, may your prayers for MTM’s safety and growth continue.                         With love, Your sister in Christ, Debi Fritz