• The nation of Haiti and her people; to humbly turn from their ways and seek God's face, to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ that their sins may be forgiven (generational sins and curses) and that the land may be healed (disease, deforestation, ecological devastation).
  • Mountain Top Ministries
  • Missionaries of MTM (long- and short-term)


  • Student sponsors! Only 51% of our students are currently sponsored.
  • MTM Gramothe Trade School as it nears completion. Spring 2018 is our target date.
  • Decisions for salvations through Christ Jesus with discipleship while the Church is being strengthened and ecouraged.
  • Teacher in service; funds to provide for this area of need and interested individuals to come encourage and grow our teachers.
  • Transition through final Haiti Presidential results and transition into that new administration.